IMG00237-20140504-0142IMG00144-20120316-2040IMG_20140531_141347781“My goals are to become well versed in the fields of journalism, creative script writing, camera, short and full length films, radio and television. I love engaging with all people. Learning and listening to their hearts. Simply sitting down with someone who is willing to open up and express their inner thoughts and feelings is so rich to me. The trust that’s created in that moment is priceless.”

“I hope my site will add to your life in ways you wouldn’t have imagined. This world is in a very untrustworthy position at the moment, but I still have tremendous hope in people. Call me crazy, but I believe it’s even crazier not to believe in God’s ultimate plan. Uncertainty is one thing, but faith is another. The question is, “Where does YOUR faith lye at the end of the day?”